17 GIFs That Just Never Get Old No Matter How Many Times You See Them

13. Touch da fishy

Among the greatest memes ever! Why? There is the holy grail β€” a person, a fish, and an extremely persistent cat. Additionally, subtitles. The subtitles MAKE this.

14. Jazz Hands Dog

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This can be a GIF that looks much better the longer you look at it. It’s a very delighted puppy and quite happy, quite sassy hands. What is not to enjoy?

15. Slippery hands

But have not we all been in this circumstance? We thought we had captured it, but we had not. Cue horrified look on our faces.

16. Santa Cat

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Poor Santa Cat. His unkind owners caught a Santa hat β€” using a bell, no less β€” and today he is tormented by the sound of it.

Cat Santa GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Frankly, the one thing that would have made it worse would be when they had given him a semi-complete outfit such as the monstrosity they did to the kitty over.

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