The Real Life Inspirations Behind 15 Famous Cartoon Characters

12. The Smurfs

Pierre Culliford, the cartoonist who generated those legendary grim monsters below his pseudonym Peyo, climbed up from Nazi-occupied Belgium. This led to rumors which the personalities symbolize some form of the Aryan race. By way of instance, many folks believe the Violent Gargamel can be an anti-Semitic caricature, notably because his kitty, Azrael, conveys exactly precisely the exact same name while the Jewish Angel of demise.

13. Dennis the Menace

The narrative for the annoying boy might appear magical enough since cartoonist Hank Ketchum established the personality soon after his wife complained their son, Dennis, had been a”menace.” The true Dennis’ mum died if he had been only 1 2 of the barbiturate overdose. Afterward, Ketchum delivered bad Dennis away to boarding school afterward proceeding into Switzerland using his wife. Dennis joined the Marines and fought in Vietnam, also at that full-time Ketchum expired, and it had been evident that their romantic relationship was exceptionally strained.

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