The Real Life Inspirations Behind 15 Famous Cartoon Characters

10. Carl from Up

This Pixar picture was inspired by the life span of Edith Macefield, that was simply a secret agent to its Allied powers throughout World War II. Later on, she worked together with orphans of this warfare previous to settling at an older farm house at Seattle, in which she’s maintained her ill mum. Just enjoy the personality Carl, she refused to maneuver from her household at any cost, and also a five-story construction was finally assembled throughout her residence. She also passed out at the age of 86 at 2008.

11. Dumbo

The crows had been the only real contentious characters of the Disney picture since the inspiration to its flying goddess himself was Jumbo, a true circus elephant in the 1860s. Even Queen Victoria had been a fanatic later she watched him in the London Zoo in 1865. Regrettably, Jumbo lived a gloomy lifetime, since he had been exposed to routine physical misuse.

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